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Visiontek Radeon X1050 128MB Agp (refurb)

Radeon X1050 128MB Agp
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Radeon X1050 128MB Agp happens to be a type of high quality item you can buy these days. For anybody who is looking to acquire this item, you have come to the ideal place. Our company offers you unique deals for this fantastic AGP video card with secure financial transaction. It weighs around 1.6 lbs. Product# 0784090028389. Have you been thinking of getting a graphic card and you are simply looking for the best price for this? Maybe wish to know the views of other customers before you buy it? In this case then you are at the right place. New Radeon X1050 128MB Agp. For additional details on this AGP graphic card, click on the market button.

Step-up to serious 2D performance with Vision Tek's Radeon X1050 128 MB AGP Small Form Factor Graphics Card. Delivering excellent 2D/3D performance for all sorts of PC entertainment and productivity, this card is ideal for office productivity and workstation applications. The card is convertible to regular ATX design with (included) tall bracket for typical chassis at the same time. Offering Dual Monitor support, this card is Windows Vista capable. Its brief form factor design fits in low profile desktops and workstations (short bracket mounted on card ).


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