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Bfg Geforce 6200OC Agp 256MB Vga Dvi Svid

Bfg Geforce 6200OC Agp 256MB Vga Dvi

BFG Technologies

Package Quantity: 1

Boost your current machine with a Bfg Geforce 6200OC Agp 256MB Vga Dvi from Bfg Technologies. The product number for this item is BFGR62256OC. The video card is 0.5"H x 6"L x 3.5"W and has a weight of 0.95 lbs. There are plenty of brand names which make electronics, with these kinds of manufacturers featuring different price tags. Just a bit of investigation will go quite some distance and with this you may confidently get the things which you would like. Buying the Bfg Geforce 6200OC Agp 256MB Vga Dvi, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

GPU: NVIDIA Ge Force 6200 Bus Type: AGP Memory: 256MB DDR Core Clock: 375MHz (vs. Connectors: VGA. DVI-I S-Video Out. 0 Open GL for Microsoft Windows. 350MHz standard) RAMDAC: 400MHz Connectors: VGA DVI-I S-video out Vertices/Second: 281 million API Support: Microsoft Direct X 9. Included:"Quick install manual (1) DVI to VGA adapter Driver CD (which contains NVIDIA Force Ware unified graphics driver ).


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