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Evga 512-A8-N403-LR Ge Force 6200 512MB DDR2 64BIT Agp 4X/8X Video Card

512-A8-N403-LR Ge Force 6200 512MB DDR25 Star Rating
512A8N403LR Ge Force 6200 512MB DDR2
Getting The 512A8N403LR Ge Force 6200 512MB DDR2

a 512-A8-N403-LR Ge Force 6200 512MB DDR2, a great AGP graphic card by Evga is going to make your machine truly feel brand new. I think you will like that the item offers evga 512-a8-n403-lr ge force 6200 512mb ddr2 64bit agp 4x/8x video card. Other features include things like 1-year warranty and evga 512-a8-n403-lr. The part number for this video card is 512-A8-N403-LR. It has got a weight of 2 lbs. Getting the 512-A8-N403-LR Ge, select the hyperlink below.

evga force card nvidia's gpus featuring

Brand: EVGA
MPN: 512-A8-N403-LR
UPC: 320127567577


Evga Ge Force 6200 Video Card NVIDIA's Ge Force 6200 GPUs, featuring a revolutionary design that delivers the performance you need to have for games and applications on AGP 2. 0, the Ge Force 6200 powers the latest effects without compromising performance. The only GPU in its class to support Microsoft Direct X 9. 0 Shader Model 3. 0 motherboards. In addition, it supports AGP 8x, which increases both graphics and general system performance with its 512MB memory.

Features:Cine FX 3. 0 Optimizations and SupportOpen GL 2. 0 TechnologyUnified Driver Architecture (UDA) NVIDIA n View Multi-Display TechnologyDigital Vibrance Control (DVC) TechnologyNVIDIA Pure Video TechnologyIntegrated Television EncoderDual 400MHz RAMDACsMicrosoft Direct X 9. 0 EngineAdaptable Programmable Video ProcessorUltra Shadow II TechnologyIntellisample 3. 0 Optimizations and SupportAGP 8XHardware MPEG-2 Encoder Hardware MPEG-2 EncoderVideo Mixer Renderer (VMR) Support

Method Requirements:AGP 2. Minimum recommended power provide with +12 Volt present rating of 18 Amps. 0 or higher compliant motherboard.) Minimum 250 Watt energy provide.

Features List

  • EVGA 512-A8-N403-LR Ge Force 6200 512MB DDR2 64bit AGP 4X/8X Video Card
  • EVGA 512-A8-N403-LR
  • New - Retail
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

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